Teaplus originated from the commoner’s culture of the alleys in Taiwan.
It represents a cordial, welcoming and sharing atmosphere.

TEAPLUS FOOD & BEVERAGE CO., LTD. was established in 2007. Since our first store which was opened in Dashe, Kaohsiung in August of 2006, we now have almost a hundred store locations in Taiwan. We serve unique products that are liked by people from everywhere.
Teaplus is a brand under Kaifu, it originated from the commoner’s culture of the alleys in Taiwan, representing a cordial, welcoming and sharing atmosphere and a natural, unbound and carefree style of living. The rich fragrance of the tea will remind people of wonderful memories. We truly understand and recognize the values in people, in addition to providing our consumers with best products, we also promote the tea culture based on the precious human values. “Alley tea is good all year round, and the fragrance will travel thousands of miles” best describes us.  

Since the founding of Teaplus, our business motto has been “natural, healthy and freshly-made “ so consumers can drink healthy, and with confidence, and this has been our responsibility and perseverance. In addition to providing consumers with the best products, we also hope to give back to the society as good citizens and to build a wonderful future.

Teaplus launched the “Good Bottle” in 2014. We took extra caution with the bottle material and shape, and multiple tests were taken place to pass the message: Giving good tea, every day’s a good day. We give the biggest discount nationally for reusing the bottle, to make contributions to the earth and environmental protection.

Since 2014, Teaplus has been sharing the Taiwanese hospitality with the world. We opened new locations globally, such as Suzhou, China and Singapore. Recently we’ve advanced to California and we will not stop going forward. We don’t just sell intriguingly good tea, but also brimming goodwill.



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