Professional International Operation Team

Complete organizational structure of operation, marketing, financing, R&D, supervision to assist you with operation. We at Teaplus will walk the mile with you.

Solid and Complete Training

Complete training programs, all kinds of occupational training, retail internships and assessment systems, periodic guidane and tracking, and couseling services will help franchisers to maximize their business abilities.

Global Marketing Resource Integration

Promoting area marketing activities and planning new products. Increasing brand popularity and market share, striving for consumer recognition, return rate and developing new target customers.

Quality and Local Purchasing at Reasonable Prices

Purchasing locally in season with contracts for steady supply of ingredients to keep close tabs on the quality and price.

Exclusive Research, Development and Testing Center

The professional R&D personel at the headquarters will come up with marketing campaigns and mew products according the franchisers’ markets and seasonal ingredients. They will also actively pursue quality and safety to ensure sustainable operation.

Brand Internationalization and Stanardization


Food Safety Certification

The mechanical uniform settings of hi-tech brewing technique and equipment make it easier to control the quality of the drinks. Food safety certificaion ensures safety and speedy clearnce.

Cloud Technology Information Management

Information such as stocks needed and ordering system can be simultaneously provided globally through the cloud system, making management more efficient.



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